Welcome to Christian Mission for the Deaf – Nigeria.

Imagine a country where the deaf stand shoulder-to-shoulder with their hearing peers, working together for the benefit of God and man. Imagine a place where the deaf can gain the education and the skills necessary to become established, self-sustaining Christian leaders of high quality, where a holistic deaf education is provided in a quality setting with good living standards. Imagine a place where deaf leaders can learn to improve the socio-economic standards of deaf people in Nigeria and beyond. This is the vision and purpose of Christian Mission for the Deaf Nigeria.


Our mission is to serve God and the growth of His kingdom by promoting holistic deaf education and Christian discipleship, rights advocacy and humanitarian services, as well as income generation and management development for the deaf and their stakeholders in Nigeria and beyond.


Since its establishment in 1972, God has used CMDN to play a major role in transforming the lives of tens of thousands of deaf people not only in Nigeria, but across the continent of Africa. By equipping the deaf with a solid formal education and spiritual foundation, the deaf are able to build upon these essentials and work towards their full God-ordained potential. Through the educational pioneering work of CMDN, deaf students of today enjoy primary and secondary education all across Nigeria. Many have continued further, obtaining bachelor degrees from Nigerian universities and seminaries, and masters and doctorate degrees not only in Nigeria, but overseas as well. This allows the deaf to hold prominent positions of employment such as pastors, professors, deans, directors and chairpersons.